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Catalyst Tablet Press Machine

Catalyst tablet press machine is mainly designed for making catalyst tablets. It is quite suitable for making tablets from powder and granule in chemical area. This tablet compression machine could make tablets in different shapes, like round shape, cylinder shape, etc. When clients choose the machine, first you should check the maximum tablet size and the capacity.

1. Featuring stable performance, simple operation and high pressure, catalyst tablet press machine can press materials that are not easy to take shape.
2. The filling depth, pressure and speed of this tablet compression machine and the thickness of tablet can be adjusted.
3. All controllers and operation parts are designed reasonably.
4. An overload protection unit can avoid the damage of punches and apparatus when overload occurs.
5. The outside part of catalyst tablet press machine is fully enclosed and it is made of stainless steel meeting the GMP requirement.
6. The worm gear drive of this tablet compression machine adopts fully-enclosed oil-immersed lubrication with long service-life and prevents cross pollution.
7. It has transparent windows so that press condition can be observed clearly and the windows can be opened. Cleaning and maintenance is easier.
8. The catalyst tablet press machine works together with the mould that is made according to the tablet size and tablet shape.

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