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CHTP Single Tablet Press Machine

CHTP Single Tablet Press Machine

CHTP single stroke tablet press is the latest researched and designed tablet press machine. It is used for pressing powder into tablets. This machine could make tablets in different shapes and sizes, such as round tablet, oval tablet, ring tablet, etc. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, food and chemical industry. According to different work pressure, our company mainly supplies CHTP45, CHTP30, CHTP25, CHTP20, CHTP15, CHTP10 and CHTP6 single stroke tablet presses.

1. This tablet press machine is with big pressure and high working stability.
2. CHTP single stroke tablet press is equipped with over-load protection apparatus. When pressure overloads, the machine will stop automatically.

Data of CHTP Single Punch Mechanical Tablet Press Machine

Model Work Pressure (T) Max. Length of Punch (mm) Filling Depth (mm)

Max. Diameter of Punch (mm) Production Capacity (Pieces per Minute) Product Errors Electrical Power (kW) Exterior Size (mm) Weight (kg)
CHTP45 45 110 70 115 20 ± 0.05 4 1050×950×2000 1700
CHTP30 30 135 100 140 25 ± 0.05 4 1100×1200×2300 1100
CHTP25 25 110 70 120 20 ± 0.05 3.5 1200×900×2300 1500
CHTP20 20 110 70 110 18-22 ± 0.05 3 1950×850×950 1300
CHTP15 15 110 60 115 20-25 ± 0.05 3 900×800×2100 800
CHTP10 10 100 60 50 20-25 ± 0.01 3 900×800×2100 1100
CHTP-6 6 60 40 25 35 ± 0.05 1.1 520×540×1300 300

Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is dedicated to manufacturing single stroke tablet press. In addition to this tablet press machine, our products also include powder mixer, granulator, pulverizer, sugar coating machine, capsule filling machine, packaging machine and other auxiliary machines. Our company can send technicians to customers’ factory for installing and adjusting the single stroke tablet press and training workers as needed. The installing and adjusting cost is around 100 USD per day. Customers should pay round tickets and accommodation expenses for our technicians.

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