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Dzb-600 Tablet Packing Machine

Dzb-600 Tablet Packing Machine

Introduction of tablet packing equipment
The Dzb Type Tablet Packing Machine is widely used in the Food Industry and is the best choice of equipment to automatically pack chicken flavor tablets, chocolate, sugar, etc.

Characteristics of tablet packing machine
1. You can operate this machine by PLC touch screen.
2. This tablet packing equipment meets GMP standard.
3. It is made of stainless steel.
4. Easy operation.
5. You can adjust its speed.
6. This tablet packing machine can be equipped with the tablet feeding machine and tablet sending machine.

Tablet sample and equipment photos

2 Parameter data of tablet packing machine
Voltage 220v(We could make It according to your requirement)
Totally powder 1.65kw
Packing speed 60—120tablet/Min
Packing range 50×40×20mm(L×W×H)
The diameter of one roll packing material 300mm
The max of the roll 100mm
Size for the machine 1700×800×1540mm
Weight 600kg
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