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Double Layer Press Machine

Double Layer Press Machine

Double layer tablet press is a kind of automatically revolving and continuous tablet press machine. It is the essential equipment to press granular materials into tablets in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industrial sectors. ZPW21B is an improved version of ZPW21A. These double layer tablet presses can press not only round tablets but also tablets in different geometrical shapes. The tablets may have letters on both sides.

1. Our tablet press machines are designed to meet the GMP standard.
2. It is typically suitable for batch production of various kinds of double-layer round tablet, sugar-tablet, calcium tablet, and so forth.
3. Double layer tablet press has a double-pressing type structure. There are two sets of feeding devices and two sets of pinch rollers. It has 33 punch dies that can press 33 tablets.
4. The rotary speed, the materials filling depth and the tablet thickness can be adjusted.
5. Buffer unit of this tablet press machine can avoid parts damage caused by overloading.
6. Powder suction box can suck up the powder produced when the machine is running and avoid blockage.
7. Its surface is made of stainless steel.

Parameters of Double Layer Tablet Press Machine

Dies (Sets) 21
Max. Pressure (KN) 80
Max. Diameter of Tablet (mm) 20
Max. Filling Depth (mm) 18
Max. Thickness of Largest Tablet (mm) 9
Production Capacity (pcs/h) 15000-45000
Motor Power (kW) 3
Overall Size (mm) 900 × 800 × 1640
Weight (kg) 1200

Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is a double layer tablet press manufacturer and supplier in China. Up to now, we have delivered outstanding, innovative and high quality tablet press machines to customers from more than 30 countries around the world. We also have our sale representative in Russian. They have good service team and provide technical support for customers.

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