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Dryer Machine

  • RXH Warm Air Cycle OvenRXH hot air circulation oven is used for baking chemical gas or food, solidifying printing ink and drying paint film. It is extensively used for precise baking, drying, tempering and warming-up in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronic industries, etc. Thanks to inner heat recycling, this warm air cycle oven can bake and heat materials evenly...
  • LPG High Speed Centrifugal Spray DryerLPG high speed centrifugal spray dryer just takes 5 to 15 seconds to dry liquid materials. This spray drying machine is quite suitable for thermo-sensitive materials. Products processed by this equipment have good degree of uniformity, liquidity and dissolubility with high quality and purity. In the hot-air flow, 95% to 98% of water can be evaporated at a moment...
  • GFG High Efficiency Fluidizing DryerGFG high efficiency boiling dryer is suitable for drying damp granules and powder materials in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, feed stuff industry, light industry, etc. This boiling drying machine can be used for drying big granule, small block material, viscous block granular material, and so on. GFG high efficiency boiling dryer is of circular structure so as...
  • FG Fluid Bed DryerFG fluid bed dryer can utilize nitrogen as the carrier, which can effectively prevent oxidation and keep the original fragrance and protein. By adopting special design, this vertical fluidizing dryer enables to recycle organic solvent. FG fluid bed dryer is designed and manufactured for drying powdery or granular materials in the pharmaceutical...

Pharmaceutical drying machine is a kind of mechanical pharmaceutical equipment utilizing thermal energy to reduce the water content in wet granules and powder. It can conduct dehumidification to get materials with required moisture content. The purpose of using drying equipment is to meet the demand of further use or processing. Our company mainly provides four types of pharmaceutical drying machines including RXH warm air cycle oven, LPG high speed centrifugal spray dryer, GFG high efficiency boiling dryer and FG fluid bed dryer.

1. Drying equipment is of high cost performance.
2. It is easy to control and convenient and flexible to operate.
3. Our pharmaceutical drying machines save time and have high yield.
4. It has the advantage of less energy consumption.
5. Chuanchu dryers are featured with small production intensity and occupy less area.
6. Drying equipment is environmental friendly. It will not cause air pollution and not pollute materials.
7. Compared with conventional methods, our pharmaceutical drying machines have no thermal inertia.
8. Microwave power can be adjusted.

The normal time for producing drying equipment is from 25 to 40 days.

Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing pharmaceutical drying machines in China. Our products also include tablet press machine, powder mixer, granulator, pulverizer, sugar coating machine, capsule filling machine, packaging machine and other auxiliary machines. If you are interested in our drying equipment, please contact us immediately.