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V Series High Efficient Mixer

V Series High Efficient Mixer

V type mixer or V shape mixer is mainly used for mixing dry powder material and granular substances in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, fodder, pottery, metallurgy and other industries. Raw materials can be input manually or through vacuum sucking. This high efficient mixer is made up of a container formed by two cylinders welded in an asymmetrical V shape.

Main Application
V type mixer is suitable for mixing materials with good fluidity and materials that need to be mixed in a short time without special mixing requirements. The steady movement of materials in the container makes the mixing not damage the original shape of materials. Therefore, this high efficient mixer is well suited for mixing fragile and easily worn grain materials. This product has become an ideal facility for pharmaceutical enterprises.

1. V type mixer adopts V type asymmetric charging barrels to mix materials. The charging barrel is made up of stainless materials with smooth walls inside that are easy to clean.
2. With reasonable structure, this high efficient mixer is easy to operate. It can mix materials efficiently.
3. V type mixer is easy to feed, discharge, clean and replace materials.

Working Principle
The powder grains will continuously and repeatedly change their places, be dispersed and combined in the inclined cylinder under the force of circumgyration. Materials will be randomly transferred from one place to another and the powder grains will slip, pile and move to the surface repeatedly. They will be cut and scattered repeatedly. Then the mixing process of this high efficient mixer is finished.

Technique Parameters of V Type Mixer

Type Barrel Capacity (L) Working Capacity (L) Feed Weight (kg) Mixing Speed (r/min) Working Time (min) Motor (kW)
VH8 8 0.32 × 8 2.5 60 6-8 0.25
VH14 14 0.32 × 14 4 46 6-8 0.37
VH50 50 0.32 × 50 16 15 6--8 0.55
VH100 100 0.4 × 100 40 15 6-8 1.1
VH200 200 0.4 × 200 80 12 6-8 1.5
VH300 300 0.4 × 300 80 12 6-10 1.5
VH500 500 0.4 × 500 200 12 6-10 2.2
VH600 600 0.4 × 600 240 12 6-10 2.2
VH1000 1000 0.4 × 1000 300 12 6-10 2.2
VH1500 1500 0.4 × 1500 600 12 6--10 2.2

Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is dedicated to manufacturing high efficient mixers. Our products also include tablet press machine, granulator, pulverizer, sugar coating machine, capsule filling machine, packaging machine, V type mixer (V shape mixer) and other auxiliary machines. Our company can send technicians to customers’ factory for installing and adjusting the machine and training workers as needed. The installing and adjusting cost is around 100 USD per day. Customers should pay round tickets and accommodation expenses for our technicians.

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