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Ice Crusher Machine

Ice Crusher Machine

Application of ice crusher
This ice crush machine is mainly used to crush block ice into little pieces for ice batch production in food industry.

Working Process of ice crusher machine
This equipment consists of machine frame, raw material barrel and crusher parts.
The ice block is taken to the set height.
.Then, the ice block fell into the hopper.
After that, the ice block would be sent into the crush parts.
Finally, the ice block became ice piece.

Feature of ice crusher machine
1. This machine is made of stainless steel which is a good choice in food industry.
2. You can operate this machine by PLC touch screen or button control.
3. Barrel size of raw material:
Diameter: 570mm; height: 840mm
The raw material barrel can be customized.
4. Clean equipment of ice crusher machine is equipped.
5. The Power: 380v, 3p, 50hz.
Main Motor: 11kw. Lifter Barrel Motor: 3kw.
Capacity: 1000kg Per Hour.

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