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Pharmaceutical Pulverizer

  • Ice Crusher MachineThis ice crush machine is mainly used to crush block ice into little pieces for ice batch production in food industry.This equipment consists of machine frame, raw material barrel and crusher parts. The ice block is taken to the set height. .Then, the ice block fell into the hopper. After that, the ice block would be sent into the crush parts. Finally, the ice block became ice piece...
  • SF Series PulverizerSF universal pulverizing machine uses high-speed relative motion between movable and fixed teeth discss. Raw materials are impacted by teeth and frication. Finally they are crushed. Universal pulverizer is widely used for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, pesticide industry, foodstuff industry, grain industry, and so on...
  • SFB Series PulverizerSFB laboratory pulverizer is mainly suitable for crushing small scale materials. It is made of stainless steel. The inside surface is smooth, thus products made by this small-scale lab pulverizer meet GMP requirements. It is applied to pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, pesticide industry, foodstuff industry, grain industry, and so on...

Pharmaceutical pulverizer pulverizes raw materials through percussion, friction and mutual crash between materials. Pharmaceutical grinder could make different sizes of powder if we change the sieve. When raw material enters into the crushing chamber, it is broken under the impacting of movable and fixed gear disks that are rotated in high speed and then becomes the needed raw material through screen. Shanghai Chuanchu Company is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical pulverizers in China. We mainly provide SF series and SFB Series pharmaceutical grinders.

Pulverizer is applicable to pulverization of a variety of small-scale herbs, valuable drug ingredients, ores and chemical materials that are greatly needed by a number of departments, such as medicine, agriculture, foods, chemical industry, alloy metal, metallurgy, geology and research institutes.

Features of Pharmaceutical Pulverizer
1. Pharmaceutical grinder is made of stainless steel so as to possess high wear and erosion resistance.
2. The high-speed gear disk and movable teeth are welded through special welding, which makes the teeth durable, safe and reliable. The interlock apparatus between gear disk and driving shaft, makes our pharmaceutical pulverizers reliable in operation.
3. Pharmaceutical grinder can fabricate products in conformity with the requirements of “GMP”.
4. Through balance test of gear disk, this machine can be rotated at high speed.
5. It is also featured with high efficiently, low noise, reliable working capability and quality, secure operation and small consumption.

How to Choose Pharmaceutical Pulverizer
The capacity and the sieve size of pharmaceutical grinders are the most important factors to choose a pulverizer.

The normal time for producing pharmaceutical pulverizer is 20 days.

We provide thirteen months guarantee period for pharmaceutical grinder from shipment date. During this period, we will provide free maintenance and free spare parts that caused by the machine’s quality, but buyers need to pay the express fee. Parts damaged because of mishandling and consumable parts are not covered by any warranty.

Installation and Adjusting
We can send the technician to the buyer for installing and adjusting pharmaceutical pulverizers and training the workers if the buyer invites. The installing and adjusting cost is between 80 USD and 100 USD per day. The buyer should pay round tickets and accommodation expenses for our technicians.