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Pneumatic Vacuum Loading Machine

Pneumatic Vacuum Loading Machine

Pneumatic vacuum loading machine uses pneumatic vacuum pump as vacuum source. It consists of material container, pipeline, vacuum conveyor, control system, and so on. With this vacuum feeding machine, materials could be fed directly from container to mixer, reactor, hopper, packing machine, vibrating griddle, pellet trimming machine, etc. It can lighten workers’ labor intensity and put an end to powder pollution. The production process of this vacuum loading machine meets GMP requirements.

Working Principle
Vacuum feeding machine or vacuum feeder can realize automatic feeding with the hopper of the material-receiving machine through material level control. When the material level is higher than the position in the hopper of material level, vacuum loading machine stops feeding, but when the material level is lower than a position in the hopper, vacuum feeding continues automatically. Feeding on the material-receiving machine is thus completed.

Parameters of Pneumatic Vacuum Feeding Machine

Model Feeding Volume (kg/h) Air Consumption (liter/minute) Pressure of Supplied Air
QVC1 350 180 0.5-0.6
QVC2 700 360 0.5-0.6
QVC3 1500 720 0.5-0.6
QVC4 3000 1440 0.5-0.6
QVC5 6000 2880 0.5-0.6
QVC6 9000 4320 0.5-0.6

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