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SFB Series Pulverizer

SFB Series Pulverizer

SFB laboratory pulverizer is mainly suitable for crushing small scale materials. It is made of stainless steel. The inside surface is smooth, thus products made by this small-scale lab pulverizer meet GMP requirements. It is applied to pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, pesticide industry, foodstuff industry, grain industry, and so on.

Working Principle
SFB laboratory pulverizer utilizes high-speed relative motion between the moving and fixed tooth discs, making raw materials crushed through concussion and frication. The crushed materials are directly discharged from the mainframe of small-scale lab pulverizer.

1. Our laboratory pulverizers can crush different sizes of raw materials by changing sieves.
2. It improves the utilization ratio of supplies and reduces the cost.
3. With simple and solid structure, this small-scale lab pulverizer is easy and steady to operate.

Parameters of Laboratory Pulverizer

Model Production Capacity (kg/h) Spindle Speed (r/min) Feeding Size (mm) Crushing Fineness (mesh) Motor Power (kW) Overall Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
130B 2-5 7000 5 10-120 1.1 400 × 350 × 830 75
180B 10-30 7000 5 10-120 2.2 690 × 420 × 880 85
250B 50-250 5000 5 10-120 5.5 950 × 520 × 1250 220
320B 80-300 4000 5 10-120 7.5 980 × 520 × 1350 250

Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized laboratory pulverizer manufacturer in China. We have gained recognition from a large of clients due to our rich production, marketing and service experience. Besides, we keep researching new products to meet the needs of customers and markets. Located in Shanghai, the biggest port city of China, we provide convenient transportation, by land, air or sea. This can greatly reduce your transportation cost. If you need small-scale lab pulverizer, please contact us freely.

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