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Sterilize Tablet Press Machine

Sterilize tablet press, also known as disinfection tablet press, is used to press various round tablets, sugarcoating tablets and calcium tablets in large batch or small batch. It is a basic equipment to press all kinds of grain shape raw materials into tablets in the industry of pharmacy, chemistry, food, and so on. When the clients choose the sterilize tablet press machine, first you should check the maximum tablet size and the capacity.

Advantage of Disinfection Tablet Press
1. We mainly have three kinds of disinfectant tablet presses: rotary tablet press, hydraulic press machine and CHTP press machine. The output of rotary tablet press is higher than that of hydraulic press machine and CHTP press machine, but the latter two press machines can produce larger tablets.
2. The speed of sterilize tablet press, the filling range and the tablet thickness could be adjusted.
3. The running speed of disinfection tablet press is controlled by variable frequency control device, resulting in convenient operation, stable rotating and high accuracy.
4. An overload protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage of punches and apparatus when overload occurs.

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