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RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven

RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven

RXH hot air circulation oven is used for baking chemical gas or food, solidifying printing ink and drying paint film. It is extensively used for precise baking, drying, tempering and warming-up in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronic industries, etc. Thanks to inner heat recycling, this warm air cycle oven can bake and heat materials evenly.

Features of RXH Hot Air Circulation Oven
1. Hot wind is recycled inside the oven, resulting in high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.
2. It uses forced draft ventilation and whirl tube within the oven. This can make sure substances can be dried evenly.
3. Our warm air cycle ovens can control temperature automatically. They run stably and are easy to maintain.
4. RXH hot air circulation oven has a wide range of applications. It can process different substances so it becomes the ideal drying equipment in modern industries.

Warm air cycle oven is made up of angle iron, stainless plate and cold steel. The insulating course is filled with high density aluminum silicate cotton ensuring the insulation of oven and user’s safety. Heater is fitted at the bottom, the top or on the two sides. Temperature is controlled by display intelligent meter. The whirl tube of hot air circulation oven can send wind vertically or horizontally.

Technique Parameters of RXH Warm Air Cycle Oven

Standard Type RXH-41-C RXH-54-C RXH-5-C
Old Type CT-C-III CT-C-IV CT-0
Dry Quantity (kg) 300 400 25
Power (kW) 1.35 1.8 0.45
Used Steam (kg/h) 54 72 5
Wind Power (m3/h) 10350 13800 3400
Temperature Difference ± 2°C ± 2°C ± 2°C
Plate (Pieces) 144 192 24
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2300 × 3200 × 2300 4460 × 2200 × 2290 1550 × 1000 × 2290
Remarks Six Trucks of Three-Door Eight Trucks of Four-Door A Truck of Single-Door
Net Weight (kg) 2200 2900 600
Gross Weight (kg) 2750 3700 850

Standard Type RXH-14-C RXH-27-C
Old Type CT-C-I CT-C-II
Dry Quantity (kg) 100 200
Power (kW) 0.45 0.9
Used Steam (kg/h) 18 36
Wind Power (m3/h) 3400 6900
Temperature Difference ± 2°C ± 2°C
Plate (Pieces) 48 96
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2300 × 1200 × 2300 2300 × 2200 × 2300
Remarks Two Trucks of One-Door Four Trucks of Two-Door
Net Weight (kg) 1000 1600
Gross Weight (kg) 1350 1350

Shanghai Chuanchu Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional hot air circulation oven manufacturer integrating development, production, marketing and service. Up to now, we have delivered outstanding, innovative and high quality warm air cycle ovens to customers from more than 30 countries around the world. We also have our sale representative in Russian. They have good service team and provide technical support for customers.

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